If you manage to complete this challenge using only the wrench you'll earn a trophy. Eye, Part I When you get to the door throw the wrench at the panel on the side to open the door then grav leap to the next platform. After they've been dealt with one of the doors will open but as you try to get through another Thug will appear and destroy part of the floor between you and him. PayPal Donation: warhawkfaqs@ymail.com A cutscene will take place and after the cutscene when you have control again you'll have to look up at Cronk first then afterwards look down to find Zephyr. As it's pretty much the same as before but this time is when you'll be getting the Nethers coming in to help out with him to help attack you while you are trying to attack him but you'll have to watch out as there'll be regenerators there that you'll need to destroy so the Nethers will quit coming out to attack. It is obtained by collecting nine holo-plans that can be found hidden in … As you make your way to the left as there'll be more Nethers to deal with along with another Netherbrute along the way and after that they're dealt with you should see a Gold Bolt up there. Upon getting to that room head to the to the left to open the door to the next room to the Lombax History Wing where you'll find the Dimensionator as you want to head all the way to the statue of Emperor Tachyon. VII Holo Part: 1 - Weapons Available to Purchase: Winterizer [30,000 BOLTS], Mr. Zurkon [20,000 BOLTS], Objective Complete Makes Zero Hour Blitz look like an awkward slow dance at the high school prom. As soon as the water starts draining wait for it to drain a little before you start gliding down and make sure you follow the trail of bolts to help guide you where you have to go but at the same time watch out for any Thugs that'll come in during that time. I can't tell, sheild is an armour vender, a gun is the weapon and ammo vendor also there are two for Cronk and Zaphier and of course a bolt sign is for golden bolts but I can't tell what is the symbol for a peice of the gadgetron holo plan. You'll have 2 minutes and 20 seconds to get through five rounds of Thugs and with some Blade Bots along the way. Here you'll need to use the Jetpack to get to each platform to where each of the pumps are by placing the Battery Bot that's close by in and crank the crank to get a pipe as there'll be three of them that you'll need to crank. Make your way to the end as you want to take care of the Thugs to help out the Terachnoid. When you do get a little closer to where the turret is is when a drop ship will come in and drop off more Thugs, then when the last of the thugs are cleared out you'll need to get into the turret. Now that you're out there'll be some Thugs in this area that you'll need to deal with as you make your way forward but after you deal with the four that's in the first part followed by one in a airship. Version: 3.0. When there you'll want to make it near the vendor and to the left as you'll see some crates that you can destroy for some bolts but go farther and around the corner as you'll find the first of two RYNO Holo Plans that's on this planet. As it pertains to finding his bird when it goes missing you want to go towards where you gave him the thirty Gargathon Horns to fix the fuel station as there'll be an opening to the left as you'll want to use the Jetpack to go through there then you want to take a left as you want to look for an opening to your left as you want to go in there as you'll find him in there in some bones. After that you need to get 6 Vault Keys on planet Thram to open the Vault to release the Plumber (who will build the RYNO VII for you). After getting there you'll have to go around the Wigwurm to the hallway and around the corner into the next room but you won't be able to open the door until a little talk with Talwyn before you can go about doing so. If you post it and then e-mail me about it, I will have to ask you to remove it from the site. Throughout the challenge you'll be having Thugs [melee and ranged], Blade Balls, and Bomb Balls during the three rounds of the Introductory Beating. Upon defeating all the waves you'll need to wrench crank one of the Grav Targets down so you can Grav Stream to the next area but there'll be four of them that you'll need to connect for two streams. ryno vii The RYNO VII holocard is the final holocard, located in the Deplanetizer on the second visit, along the route for " Head to the Core " shortly before the boss fight sequence. After the cutscene you have to get out of there by getting on a grav leap platform. Now head back to where the Thugs were then glide down to the next area and go through a pipe but watch out for the Sarathoids that are in there then drop down as there'll be more Sarathoids to deal with. As you do change gravity left then time it right to change it up then push the moveable object to where you can change gravity down for it to fall through the hole then change gracity right so it can fit in the slot. Date Created: September 9, 2015 Best thing to do is to hav the backup of Mr. Zurkon for this while using any weapon that has a long range. Similar to the Mangled challenge but just with having to watch out for spinning laser that the Thugs have added to the Mangler and this time it won't send out any electric waves on the ground. The only enemies that you'll have to worry about during this one are Thugs with jetpacks and best is to use any shooting basted weapons but to avoid using any weapons like the Fusion Bomb. After the cutscene Clank will have an upgrade that'll allow him to enter "rifts" that'll help you get to the next area by releasing the Nethers out of the wall to break it down. When you have defeated the Voltanoid some platforms will be activated and after they're activated you'll see a Gold Bolt but you'll need the Hoverboots to go over the ramp before you can get it so coming back for it once you get them. With this challenge you'll have to use the Plasma Striker which is the only weapon you can use other than the wrench but using the wrench won't count towards the number of targets defeated.