The most famous type of switch is the Cherry MX brand, which is subdivided into Blue, Black, Brown and Red type switches. Overall While the quality of a mechanical keyboard increases as the price goes up, it’s still possible to find excellent options under $50. best mechanical keyboard under $50? The best 60% mechanical keyboards under $50 are the RK61 60% RGB, Geek GK61, Motospeed CK62, and the DIERYA 60%. Cherry MX Blue switches have a tactile bump and audible click sound as feedback and are best for typing. It is not possible to use normal keyboards for playing high-tech games, simply because it differs in configuration and settings. Overall a great budget mechanical keyboard with genuine Cherry MX Switches. It is super easy to control your profiles after you create them using the Logitech G software. The keyboards presented are ergonomic upgrades with mechanical switches for satisfying clicks that will earn comfortable key presses. Typists will also favor these switches because they are not loud like Blue switches. If you have any doubts or queries regarding mechanical keyboards then you can ask me your queries by leaving a comment below. that app is great thanks alot :)). The 10 Keyless keyboard does not have the number pad, yet includes all other buttons including the function keys. I have two at this time that were bought around 1999 but I believe the company has gone out of business or has stopped making boards. These switches are generally Cherry MX Clones and they are pretty reliable and offer good mechanical keyboard feel, typing & gaming experience. Cheap keyboards are prone to have the lettering get shiny and wear off with extended use. Overall They are preferred for most games since you can feel when you make a keypress. It helps aid players with its ability to be customized with different spells and profiles that you create in the game. Disclaimer: Clicking the device names or check price buttons will redirect you to the product listing on the appropriate (, .de, etc. The RED LED lighting is bright enough and you can also adjust its brightness from the keyboard itself. It is weighted like the Cherry MX Red at 45cN. However, these Chinese made budget mechanical keyboards are pretty reliable and offer you amazing performance for the price. SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 5. Its features include programmable RGB LED lighting, Metal, and ABS construction, Anti-Ghosting keys, Win lock key, multimedia keys, splash-proof design, and gold plated USB connector. EagleTec's KG010 mechanical gaming keyboard is easily one of the best for under $50. Redragon K552 Kumara – Best under $50 Mechanical Keyboard Redragon has been around since the 90s working as a third-party component manufacturer for more prominent companies in the industry. First, mechanical keyboards are very smooth and satisfying to use. However, the excellent responsive feel of the patented Mecha-Membrane keys and beautiful lights make this a great choice for gamers who want a premium mechanical keyboard without breaking the bank. Buy AUKEY KM-G11 Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard, Buy AUKEY KM-G10 Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard [104 Keys]. Today though, the best gaming keyboard under $50 is a great budget model. It, alongside the aircraft-grade aluminum base, makes the keyboard very durable. This is a full RGB keyboard that supports over 16.8 million colors and has got 18 backlit modes. They require clicking until they bottom out because of the lack of tactile feedback. Best Mechanical Keyboards under 50 Dollars for Gaming and Typing. If you want a branded mechanical keyboard under 50 dollars budget with Cherry MX mechanical switches then Gigabyte FORCE K83 is the answer. It is linear in that it does not have tactile feedback and remains silent. So, just like any other product in high demand, you can definitely get some affordable alternatives if … Razer’s Yellow Switch has the shortest actuation point at only 1.2mm. There are 27 different backlighting modes, many of which highlight specific keys or groups of keys for specific games. The font on the keyboard is easy to read and pleasing to the eye unlike in other Chinese mechanical keyboards. These keyboards are often called 10 keyless keyboards. Overall Popular for both gaming and productivity, mechanical keyboards have a distinct feel. Design Joined May 23, 2006 Messages 3,180. looking to get a new keyboard, the logitech one I'm using is 12 years old and annoys the hell out of me, some of the keys dont work well. Customizable options include features like macros and programmable keys. They are constructed with mechanical switches, which result in high accuracy and responsiveness. The keyboard is compatible with Windows 10,8,7 and Vista. This create an attractive rainbow effect that brings a lot of style to any PC setup. It has Anti-Ghosting keys, Double-shot molded ABS keycaps, metal construction and has got waterproof design. The last thing you want is fatigued hands before you have finished typing your first article of the day. The keyboard attaches to a PC with a gold plated high-speed USB cable to guarantee instant input responsiveness. Read on to find out more. The K552 keyboard is Redragon’s best selling keyboard, and it’s a great pick for a budget mechanical keyboard.